Ceramic Classes

Get info on classes and workshops and get your hands in the clay!

Get your hands in the Clay!

Getting my hands in the clay and creating is an incredible joy that never gets old, and I love to teach classes so other people can enjoy art-making. Throughout the year, I offer variously themed classes through the Mississippi Crafts Center, Millsaps College, and independently.

Are you a beginner? Great!

I teach small classes so I can tailor the project to individual skill levels.  These classes are perfect for anyone of any age, whatever your experience may be.

What do the classes involve?

Each class is a little different, but in general each class meeting will include a custom ceramic project with instruction in four main areas:

  1. The basics of clay
  2. Sculpting and handbuilding technique
  3. Finding your creative side
  4. Glazing and color

The classes are designed to be conversational, relaxed, fun, and educational. By the end of the class you will leave with a completed piece and the satisfaction of having made it yourself.

Available Classes

Millsaps Community Enrichment Series

What: Millsaps Community Enrichment Series – Spring 2015

When: April 2015

Cost: $100 + $25 materials fee, 4 class meetings

Signup: http://www.millsaps.edu/news_events/enrichment_series.php

Note: This class may not yet be listed on the Millsaps site, but will be available as they publish classes.

Handbuilding / Sculpture Class

Where: Mississippi Crafts Center (601-856-7546 | 950 Rice Rd. Ridgeland, MS)

When: TBD

Cost: $100 + $25 materials fee. (plus optional $35 glaze fee)

Signup: Email Sam for more information.