The Process: Every piece is unique.

Take a peek into the studio where the magic happens...

How does this clay…

…become this?  Good question.

This dragon was created over two days. You can see it happen in just over six minutes.

First, the raw clay is shaped into a very basic hollowed body.

Next, the body becomes a bit more elaborate. Legs are added and a neck.

The main body is built up and some small details are added while the clay is moldable.

This is another body shape, but you can see how the head begins as a rudimentary shape made of flattened clay.

The clay is pushed and pulled and slowly but surely the rough shape of a face emerges!

Bits of clay are added in as the details are built up. Eventually, scales, wrinkles, skin-folds, and texture will be added to enrich the surface detail.

Once a lump of clay is kneaded and centered on the pottery wheel, it slowly takes shape as a tall cup. The clay is left for a while till “leather dry”. Then it’s resilient enough to be held in the hand and the drawings can be etched into the surface.

Once, a piece is fully dry (which can take days or weeks) it is fired in a kiln once at around 1600˚F.  Then it is removed and the color glaze is carefully painted on in detail. The last step is another firing in the kiln oven to cure the glazes. Sometimes even more glazing steps are needed.

From start to finish, every detail of every piece is handmade. It's a lot of work, but the process and the end result are both part of the fun of creating! The total time it takes to make a given piece depends on the size and amount of detail, but in general it takes 4-5 weeks to complete a project.